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12 Factors that causes a man to marry

  1. Because he’s in love – He feels it deep down, it’s not fake and it’s real. Every time I’ve considered proposing it’s because I feel it.


  1. His partner makes his life better – His partner doesn’t hen peck him. His partner doesn’t pull him away from his life’s purpose, achieving his goals, or try and control him. He sees a pathway to becoming his best self with his partner, and can’t imagine not having his partner’s support. Together, he’s stronger.


  1. He can see himself in the future with his partner – This is big. Can he see himself growing old with his partner? What’s the future going to look like? If he can’t see himself in that situation it’s a good be he won’t think about trying to make it happen.


  1. He isn’t being coerced, and making this decision of his own volition – As much as some people want to be married, a bad way to get anyone to do it is by force, coercion, pressure or anything other than genuine intent. This is because deciding to marry should be one’s own choice, and in retrospect if they ever regret it they’ll have the memory of feeling pressured. It’s a bad idea.


  1. Age – Sometimes men put off marriage for when they are older. They reserve their younger years for building their career and financial status so that they are in a better place to provide for another person.


  1. He Knows What He Wants – This can be related to age but it’s not always the case. Typically a man knows what he wants when he’s had enough dating experiences that allow him to know exactly what he’s looking for in a woman. This can include personality traits, appearance, and personal values.


  1. He Isn’t Curious – This is true for both men and women and varies depending on the person. A lot of men decide to marry when they don’t feel a need to chase anymore women. They don’t care what else is out there. Sometimes this comes after they’ve had enough dating experiences and sometimes it comes after simply meeting the right person.


  1. He Trusts Her – There is a stereotype that women are the only ones that deal with trust issues but that certainly isn’t the case. Men have trust issues too. Before getting married a man wants to know that he can trust his woman with his heart, finances, and as a future mother.


  1. He Isn’t Scared – Marriage is a big deal. It’s committing the rest of your life to someone and you should only plan to get married once. Sometimes this can intimidate men but a man who is ready to get married has gotten over this fear.


  1. He Is Pro Marriage – This can also be related to my previous point on trust issues. There is a chance that the man doesn’t believe in marriage because he hasn’t seen one that’s been successful. It can be very difficult for a man to take his relationship with his woman to the next level if he doesn’t believe in it.


  1. She Isn’t Bound By Societal Norms – I think a lot of men want a woman who will allow them to be vulnerable without them feeling like they are any less “manly”. Societal pressures make it hard for men to express their emotions because being emotional is seen as a feminine trait. The truth is, both men and women have emotions and men want freedom to express them!


  1. She Supports His Hustle – One thing I know a lot of men value is a woman who supports his dreams and ambitions. She takes time to let him know that she is proud of him. A lot of guys out there work incredibly hard and nothing feels better than having your woman let you know that she recognizes that.


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