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8 things the media hasn’t told you about Dubai


In Dubai people are rich but there is huge inequality among public when it comes to wealth distribution the native Dubai people are mainly rich because of oil business and hereditary wealth inheritance

But migrants are the most poorest as they are oppressed and treated worst during work and given unhygienic and tiny little space to live

So Dubai is not rich like Nordic countries

The oil company is a nationalized industry. Every citizen is an owner of THE oil company. In addition, only citizens are allowed to own businesses. That means if some immigrant wants to open a business, he would have to pay a citizen to open the business and give him 51% of the business

The people there aren’t all super rich. Oil and real estate money have made it what it is, on top of other factors, many international business want to be in Dubai, and the only way to do that if to have a state sponsor (someone from there must agree to host the business.) They then get paid by the business for the sponsorship.

Dubai has a vibrant expat community whose number far exceeds UAE citizens. An Emirati however i believe is entitled to free gas, a free education, no taxes, free healthcare. These subsidies allow them to buy property, assets, and to live comfortably.


The abundance of oil and the fact that it is so abundant that it can be privately owned, while the world fights for oil, for their economies allows them to sell a a profit to themselves and diversify with at money by reinvention in their economy or even making their own businesses or even investing in gold. But its mainly due to oil. Not all of the people in Dubai are rich. Those who are rich are either born into a rich family, worked to become rich, or stumbled upon an opportunity to become rich.

Dubai’s essential fare is oil, HOWEVER, projections evaluated that the oil would go away by 2040, thus a gigantic venture to definitely expand its shoreline was made keeping in mind the end goal to make a huge visitor industry.

Thus, there are a monstrous number of little islands that have exurbanite to rich bidders at exorbant costs; also the world’s tallest building is currently in Dubai.

You should realize that the average workers there are basically adventured servants; the ruler made repulsive Ghetto-like accommodations and scarcely paid living wages. The normal individual in Dubai is earth poor, yet you won’t see them in any overviews.

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