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How to accept the fact that you’re not pretty| accepting the fact you’re not pretty and winning awards for doing so…


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Chris who was in college. He had a very handsome best friend, we’ll call him Brian. Brian always got all the attention from girls, while Chris got left on the sidelines. He never had girlfriends. He didn’t consider himself to be attractive at all – in fact he felt just the opposite. He felt ugly, and the lack of attention he got from the opposite sex seemingly proved his suspicions. He accepted it, and accepted that he would probably never find love. He grew bitter toward women and romance. He gave up on the idea of love.

One day, Chris was approached by a girl he was distantly acquainted with who needed help with something. He thought she was beautiful, out of his league, and out of reach… but he was instantly taken aback and couldn’t stop staring at her. They ended up talking for two hours that day. He took a leap of faith and asked her if she’d want to grab coffee sometime. She said yes.

Six weeks later they were dating, and he found out that she had had a crush on him for two months before he even knew she existed. She felt that he was the most perfect person she had ever seen. Her name was Samantha.

Chris told Samantha that she was out of his league. She couldn’t understand why he thought that. He was the one who gave her butterflies and made her feel nervous. He was the one she couldn’t stop thinking about. He was perfect.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I am the Samantha from this story. When I met Chris, he self-deprecated and often asked me why I liked him and what I saw in him. I still can’t understand how he couldn’t see what I saw – what I still see. That he’s perfect. Inside and out, hand crafted by God for me and we have been married for five years, and he keeps getting better. He’s gorgeous, and the kindest person I’ve ever known. He’s out of my league.

Beauty is subjective. Its okay if you don’t think you’re pretty, maybe your reflection doesn’t match your taste. It makes me sad though, and I think it’s completely untrue for more people than you think.

I think the Kardashian sisters are gorgeous, but I’ve met tons of dudes who think they’re gross. I’ve also seen guys fawn over a girl who I think is average, or even unattractive. Because beauty is subjective

All of us are simultaneously ugly and attractive.

It’s true every single one of us. We are all perceived differently by different people.

The one person, who matters, is you. So find your beauty, appreciate it, and bask in it. And if you can’t, have the wisdom to know that your perception is not universal. There are plenty of people who think you are stunning. And yes, people who don’t. And that’s okay. We are vastly different people with different ideas and opinions. That’s what makes us great.

Be beautiful. Feel beautiful, because no matter what anyone thinks, you are.

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