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Should I add my ex back on Facebook? I have a boyfriend that I love very much but I miss just chatting with my ex, he was a good friend, not boyfriend. I have no romantic feelings for him. What should I do?


It’s hard to forget someone you loved previously. It’s even harder to cut yourself off completely from him after you have shared your dreams, hopes, aspirations and more importantly trust with. It’s always easier to remain friends with an ex than abruptly cutting all the ties with him. Caring for an ex is a genuine feeling most of us face and there’s nothing wrong about it.


If you’re still emotionally attached to your ex, you need to find the answer to whether, in deep corners of your heart you’re still in love with him. If not, you’re completely a safe bet to talk to your ex. Even if there is an unresolved issue between the two of you, you might find the need to talk to him and clear out the baggage. If you’re overwhelmed by the need to talk to your ex and still obsessively keep checking their social media handles, there is a fair chance you’re still attached to your ex. In such cases, adding him to your Facebook friend list may be a bad option, since you will get every notification of his whereabouts and even his present relationships.


You must know whether your ex is over you or not, because the later may complicate your current relationship.


More importantly, you must carefully observe how your partner reacts to you talking to your ex. Never hide your conversations. Since it may lead to loyalty issues and some boyfriends are possessive of their girlfriends and reject the whole idea of them talking to their exes. The others are more frank in their approach and try to give you your own personal space. You need to know which category your boyfriend falls into. Do not hide the fact that you are talking to your ex via Facebook from your boyfriend. If he’s not jealous, you can continue. Or else you might risk a healthy relationship because of your urge to care and talk to your ex. If your boyfriend is fine with your communication with your ex, it’s a good sign and you can continue doing so.


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