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Always avoid people with these characters


Most of us exhibit one of if not all of these traits in some way shape or form. This list is mainly to describe individuals who exhibit these traits at higher proportions than most but you should always avoid this listed type of people.

The Gossip Goats: We are good-for-nothing except for the baa-baa-baa we do about others all the time, Everyone gossips from time to time but some people obsess over it. Be wary of individuals who seek and share the personal and private information of other people. If you aren’t careful you might find out your personal information is the new talk of the town.

The Rumor Rogues: Competing with him/her is hard, but hey! Spreading rumor about that person seems like not bad an idea. Pay attention to how people speak about other people to you. If you have a friend who likes to come to you and talk about others their back, know that they talk about you to other people. It’s nothing personal, it’s just their personality.

The Jealous Janks: We are going to destroy you. Avoid us. Like plague. Like I mentioned in the third point, pay attention to how people speak to you about other people. If someone is regularly envious of other people and tells you about it, watch out. You’ll know you will need to keep an eye out for this person when success comes your way.

The Criticizing Captains:  These people tend to have a lot of baggage and may use you as someone they can constantly dump their baggage on. The problem with this is that they might feel like it is your job to fix their problems when it isn’t. If someone has deeper issues I suggest seeing if escalating the issue is an option. Sometimes professional help is the best answer in these situations. Free loser-faultfinder-critic anybody? We are available in plenty.

The Dishonest D-Bags: We are the D-bags. We Damage, Destroy, Disfigure. What? EVERYTHING

 types of people that you should always avoidPeople Who Are Incongruent: These individuals talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. They constantly make promises or make clear statements about themselves and never follow through. Just like a farmer judges a tree by the fruit it bears we should judge a person by their actions, not their words but you should always avoid them.

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