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Attention seeker or Love seeker? Analyze yourself.


People really need to analyze themselves whether they are attention seeker or love seeker. On this analysis, your whole relationship is based. No person who is just seeking attention in the name of love will ever get successful. Seeking attention is kind of disease. Those who are addicted to it will always need someone to fulfill their need. They do not want a quality relationship, all they want is a huge quantity of people praising them in the name of love. One must need to analyze himself before starting any relationship. After this, you can be sure that on which path you need to go. There is few guideline which can help you to analyze.

The identity of an attention seeker. 

Those who only want to seek attention have no concern with sincerity. They will surely get annoyed if you give them slightly low attention than their expectations. Moreover, they will surely have a massive list of friends and people who can entertain them whenever they want. Such people are less interested in the quality of the relationship. Maybe they are just born this way. But these elements can lead them nowhere. This is totally a childish phenomenon. They need to first focus on their own personality and love their own self before anyone else.

The identity of love seeker. 

Those who only seek love in any kind of relationship are always ready to give 100% effort. They do not play hide and seek in a relationship. Never put doubt on the sincerity level of a love seeker. Today’s youth is mostly seeking attention only. 1 out of 10 is a love seeker others are just enjoying temporarily With attention we can have only temporary pleasure but love last long. Love seekers are most sensitive and emotional people. Try to be love seeker if you want a successful relationship.

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