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What is the most awkward thing to say in an elevator?


If you’re not claustrophobic, elevator rides may be quite a fun thing for you. And if you live on a high floor, elevator rides can be quite length too. One might needs to find things to do while on elevators. Or maybe crack up a conversation with a fellow traveler. Breaking the ice on an elevator may not be the easiest task. Let alone being awkward and feeling helpless beside a person you do not know. The situation might get more awkward if the person beside you is a female.

One of the most hilarious things you can say to a woman you’re in the elevator with is, ‘What if the elevator breaks down?’. Trust me, nothing gets a girl more awkward than being stuck with a guy she does not know in a compact place such as the elevator. Her expressions will give you your dose of laughter for the day.

Asking a girl, ‘I’m having a severe itch and a few rashes, can you have a look at it? I think it might be contagious.’ After you’ve said this, the girl beside you is going to be so threatened by your so called itch. No girl wants to contract a disease from a person she met at the elevator. This is going to make the situation very awkward.

If you’re a sarcastic fellow, you could use a catchphrase ‘Can I give you a lift.’ You might end up in making a serious fool out of yourself or maybe you guys could share giggle amongst yourselves.

If you do not want a girl to get awkward as well as weirded out by you, you should never use the sentence, ‘You smell different than what you do when you wake up.’ Trust me; this is going to send chills down her spine.

Not to forget the infamous Joker dialogue from The Batman, ‘Do you want to know how I got these scars.’ Your peer is going to be seriously awkward with this.

And, saving the best one for the last, no conversation can be more awkward than when you confess to having farted. Just the word ‘fart’ would bring the level of awkwardness to a thousand.

So, if this is a girl that you like or want to go out with in the future, don’t ever say things like these.


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