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Chasing men. When does woman start chasing man?


This is a very common practice in a relationship that woman starts chasing her man at some point. There are several reasons behind it. But the main thing is that it is a very unhealthy practice for a long-lasting relationship. If you want an everlasting relationship than both partners especially men should not make his partner run after him or chase him. Because every running person can get tired at some point and same is the case in a relationship. When a woman chases a man it is totally a disgrace for her and same case with a man because it can also hurt his ego. So the question here is when does woman start chasing a man.

When he starts ignoring. 

Ignoring is such a disgraceful act. It can insult and humiliate a person to the fullest. No one can bear ignorance and yes this is the major point where a woman starts chasing a man.  Some men do this for sake of attention too.

His popularity. 

Some loser woman also chases a man because of his popularity. This is totally useless to chase such person. But popularity always fantasizes those who cant afford it. A strong lady rarely chases such people.


Most of girls and teens run after these fake chick boys and playboys. They have no good idea of real men. Playboys only attract girls with their looks and swag.

Attention seeking. 

Some girls always search for the attention. If they do not find it from one guy they switch to another. and so on. They are not in search of any sincerity. They just want a guy who pampers them and walks around them anytime.

Passionate love 

Sometimes it is just the matter of the hearts. If she thinks an only certain man can pull out her from her misery. It may be possible that a man is the only comfort zone for a woman and she is afraid of losing him.

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