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Death can cause severe pain. How to overcome it.


Death of close relation is the most painful and helpless moment. It can put a person into deep limitless trauma. Many can just feel numb after this situation. For some people, it is totally hard to believe that their loved one is no more with them. I have also seen many who even reject to accept the reality and for some time. These are the different and obvious conditions when someone loses his/her loved one. But if we want we can overcome this trauma with the passage of time. You just need a bit courage and very little effort because life does not stop even if someone leaves this world. There are few activities by which you can positively pass and overcome your sorrow.

Talk about it.

Talk about it with whom you love and trust. Talk as much as you can. Relating to one of my personal experience, when my sister lost her very close friend in a road accident. She was in trauma for a whole month. At that time I encouraged her to talk about that friend as much as she wants. Trust me it healed her wound more rapidly.

Cry as much as you want.

Death is a bitter reality. You are allowed to cry as much you want. But do not cry alone. Ask your friends or family member to always with you. Give yourself time. If you think within a month you will be ok then maybe you are wrong. So let time heal everything.


Travel and leave your present place for few months. That place can haunt you. Memories can tease you so try to travel somewhere where you can get comfort. Most of all stop touching the wound again and again by looking old memories. You can never overcome the pain if you won’t stop touching your wound. You are not expected to be perfect. Your struggles build your character. Your experiences make you unique. You are intricate, complicated, seasoned and beautiful. Don’t rush into anything.

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