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Has your ex ever come back?


Yes. Most of the times, your ex does come back to you either to maintain a friendship, or to win you back. In any case it natural for them to feel attached to you even after you guys have broken up.

It is more likely for you ex to realise that losing you was the most stupid thing they’ve ever done, when you have been in a long term relationship. It becomes habitual to talk to a person after such a long time of togetherness. And sometimes the feeling of loneliness seeps in very slowly, but it hurts them real hard. On the other hand, every small nooks and creeks of your relationship become a bittersweet memory.

They feel lonely and can’t find anyone for company. In you, they see a familiar face and hence try to contact you again. This may seem like a genuine plea or an apology. But mostly it’s all about combating the feeling of being alone after losing someone so dear.

If this happens, it’s totally your call to go forward and stick together or sabotage the idea altogether. Sometimes getting back with your ex can be a tiring job. You will find the thrill you lacked, but everything will go back to normal in a while. Things will begin to take the same turn of events which led to your breakup in the first place. So it’s not always a good idea to consider getting back together.

But if you guys split up due to a misunderstanding or so, you might want to think about giving it a shot.

But, if you’re thinking about waiting until your ex realises how much they miss you, you’re probably wrong. This is the sole time you’re getting for yourself after such a long and tiring relationship. Let alone thinking about your ex, you shouldn’t even consider relationships at all for a while. Just enjoy your time with yourself and make it all about you. Rather than hanging over your ex.

You should be calm and collected and try to gather yourself emotionally as much as possible. Spend time with yourself and discover yourself first.


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