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Expectations and Realities about Relationships.


Expectations and reality of relationships are sometimes totally different. This is the most bitter and painful reality. Life is so unpredictable that at one moment you are happy and the next moment you can be totally lost. We start expecting too much initially in a relationship. Why would not we do expect much? when we know we loving someone with all our heart. I hardly know anyone today that have no broken heart or painful past experiences. I hardly know anyone who can we stop expecting extraordinary things from the person he/she love. The question arises here that whether this is the fault of ownself or extraordinary expectation that are totally different from reality.


It is very obvious to expect things from your partner. Every couple should give and take equally. A relationship cannot flourish when one is putting extra effort and the other is just keep on watching and ignoring. Another important hurdle comes when a partner demands too much and give so little in return.  These things create disappointments and heartbreak. We cannot stop expecting either. All we can do is be a better partner.


Realities of relationship are getting bitter these days. people are becoming sensitive for themselves but very harsh for others. They demand so much and give so little. Respect has totally vanished from relationships.  Those who alter the word fun with respect are the one who has no idea what does actually respect means. In the past relationships was all about respect. That was the big reason for everlasting relation. All of you have seen your parents they give and take equally that is why they have perfect love life rather than ours. If still, you want to have a perfect relation try to change behavior towards every person. Especially toward your loved one. Losing true love is more painful. 

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