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Fascinating or Simple marriage? Make a wise choice.


The fascinating wedding ceremony is a trend these days. Obviously, everyone wishes to celebrate his big day with full of charm and fashion. But now there is a need to merge both, fascinating and simple marriage ceremony among people. Every person has its own taste. Some also want simplicity but to maintain the status they often have to compromise their simplicity too. Just to follow the world people often do not take care of money too. But honestly speaking simple marriage have more advantages. It just needs a mind to understand them.  If someone asks my opinion I would prefer a simple cute wedding with few close friends, relatives, and colleagues. Let’s just discuss the uniqueness of both types.

Simple wedding.

No wastage of money and energy is a wise decision. Spend that saved money in your future for a honeymoon or any other less expensive and much pleasure-seeking activity. Even though many people will ask you strangely that why you do not want a heavy wedding ceremony. But Do ni listen to them. If you really want simplicity, keep your wedding the way you want because of its your day. It will also help you to not waste your time.

Fascinating wedding.

These weddings are seriously hectic and if someone asks my opinion, this is just another name of burden. You need to arrange everything before time. It takes whole month for it. From the heavy embellished dress to good ambiance for sitting everything need to be perfect. These things take more than a month sometimes. Both bride and groom have to plan their activities accordingly. It also disturbs daily routine and works life even before a month of the wedding. These wedding only went successfully if you have lots of people to assist you.  Otherwise, it is totally waste of time and money.

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