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first sight love. who believe more in this phenomenon.


many of us believe in love at first sight but the question is that does it really exist. History is filled with examples of lovers who claim to have fallen in love at first sight. but history is history. love these become more practical and precise. these things only seem to be fictional and fairytales. many of us also do not believe in this phenomenon anymore (most of the people like me). in the fast moving track of life these days we call the love of first interaction a CRUSH.  we are the die-hard fan of crush these days and all that old loving strategies have failed now. youth these days only prefer a crush and dream about it day and night. the day they got bored with present crush they move toward next crush and it is totally fun.

woman logic. 

woman have total different logic for love and love at first interaction. as women are difficult in the decision-making process. so they hardly believe in love at the first interaction. even in the case of crush they also take too long. that is why we call ladies some kind of difficult species. they are not much reluctant in case of love, flirt, relationship or even crush.

man logic. 

in contrast to ladies man have very different nature. it won’t be wrong to say that they love to love every girl passing by them, just kidding. but this is also a fact that men mostly and strongly believe in love at first interaction. Almost 3 out of 4 men (72 percent) believe in love at first interaction compared to just 61 percent of women. this quality also makes men kind of special and naughty. for some ladies, this is the most attractive thing about men. some of the ladies also fall immediately for a man because of this phenomenon.

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