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Frustration arise by social sites usage. Hidden Realities.


Social websites are creating frustration in human nature. No matter how much we ignore this factor but this is a bitter reality. New games and sites have separate human from daily outdoor games and fun. Talking about the recent psychopath game Blue whale have remarkably disturbed and frustrate both at the same time. Relating to many real-life events, social sites are not just creating social games and loopholes but also creating differences in human personalities. Stalking each other and race of following new trends have created a depression in many worthy brains. The statement that these sites, app, and games are developed for human facilities are proved wrong day by day. Human brains are heading towards its decline. Let’s just discuss major happenings that have affected some real lives.

Breakups and patch up. 

In the near past, I have seen many couples breaking on minor matters. Referring to my friend’s own relationship, her girlfriend left her just because he didn’t share his facebook password.

Games addiction.

People have become madly addict to games. This addiction has covered their mind. There is no much value of a relationship or life goals. Gamers can easily get annoyed if you disturb them and this creates hypertension or frustration in them.

Blue whales effects. 

The blue whale had purely targeted that attention seeker and isolated people that need special treatment or had an event in their past that irritate them. Hacker had taken the advantages of today’s youth and carelessness of their parents. So this is also another form of depression that has arise by social websites.


These sites have become part of our daily life. If we think that we can get rid of them than we are totally wrong. This layer of depression will increase day by day. The only solution that can help is to educate people about the cause and reasons of this curse and also educate them to how to minimize it in our life.


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