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My girlfriend’s ex boyfriend sent me photos of them kissing and hugging in hopes of breaking us apart. Should I tell my girlfriend about those pictures?


A relationship is based on the efforts made by both the partners. It may be hard on you to see your girlfriend’s pictures with her ex. But the main question here is, whether or not you trust her. Because if you do, there is no way you can question her loyalty towards you. You shouldn’t be insecure about her ex and confident enough on your love and her truthfulness.


At one point of time in her life, she was in a toxic relationship with her ex. She left him because he wronged her. Here’s your chance to prove to her that you’re the right man for her. Your girlfriends sanctity is all she has. You should trust her in situations like these, specially when you know she’s in love with you and has nothing to do with her ex.


Her ex-boyfriend is a douche who did wrong to her and now she’s with you and above all, she’s happy with you. Not that he realised his mistake of letting such a pure woman go, he’s trying to win her love back by trying to break you guys up. But you shouldn’t give him that opportunity. Someday your girlfriend is going to compare you and her ex, maybe she still does. That day she’ll know how compatible you two are and what a good pair you guys make. Eventually you should remember she chose you over him, and she always will.


Your fear of losing her is genuine. Anyone would fear to lose the love of their life. But is this fear greater than the love she showers on you? Maybe she still talks to him; she cares for him, as a friend. No one can forget a relationship and move on so quickly. You’ve got to give her some time to figure it out. And since you know she loves you, there is nothing you should fear or worry about.

Love her so deeply that she forgets her ex soon enough and love you even more. Prove her that you are worth her time. Prove her that you are worth her. There is nothing more than a girl admires than her man loving her with everything he has.

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