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If guys never hit on me or talk to me, am I ugly?


If you feel your not being asked out is because you’re ugly, you cannot be more wrong. Women often tend to judge themselves on the basis of how many guys hit on them.


To this, I may answer that even if you are a strong independent beautiful and gracious woman, you might not be asked out. This has nothing to do with the looks of your face or your personality. It is only because guys feel intimidated by you.


Many men don’t approach women solely because they feel intimidated. An attractive woman is more prone to decline their offers for a date. So, they take a safe road and never ask, because rejection is always worse than never having asked. You might also seem unapproachable to them. Maybe because you have am inferiority complex, or that you tend to become awkward around guys. When you are not free with men, they feel you’re not comfortable around them, or that you don’t like their company. When guys think you’re unapproachable, the skip trying to pursue you.


Apart from that, if you haven’t openly talked about this to any of your male friends they might have a feeling that you’re already committed. Since you’re beautiful and smart, there is no way you can be single. Hence, they don’t approach a woman they already think is committed.

The reason might also be that you’re not reading the signs these men are hinting at you. Most guys are rather shy and fail to express their feelings directly. Instead, they drop very subtle hints. It may be pretty obvious or maybe not. If you do not understand the feeling of a fellow male friend, you might want to reconsider thinking about you as ugly. You just need to look closely for the signs these guys have been dropping all along and you had been ignoring unknowingly.


If you feel ugly because of a certain attribute in your face or body you’re completely wrong. For the right one will find that feature cute.


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