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I’m dancing with this shy guy who sends mixed signals, and we are sort of friends: How can I make a clear statement that I’m interested in him without being awkward?


Hooking up with shy guys is a tough task. What is even tougher is trying to convince them into dating without being too obvious. It can be frustrating and sometimes you might want to pull your hair out.

Sometimes he gives you signals which say that he’s into you and other days, he’s just not that interested.


Well, one way to find out more about his feelings is to confront him directly. You could always ask him about what he feels about you. Now that he’s being the shy one, you have the command and the ball is in your court. You can directly ask him whether or not he’s into you.


If not directly, send him clear signals telling him that you like him. Be closer to him while dancing, gaze into his eyes, hold his hands, etc. It totally depends on you and your comfort level with this person. Allure him to talk to you and eventually confess what he feels about you.


One thing with shy guys is their low self-esteem. They’re basically shy because of their low self confidence level. Maybe, he is into you but is too intimidated by the fact that you’re out of his league. Some guys don’t approach women because of inferiority complex. Make him comfortable enough with you so that he confesses what he has hidden in his heart.

At some level, maybe he thinks that you’re not into him, and that he liking you can lead to a break in your friendship. Your friendship is more important to him than his feelings. He’s trying to hide those by sending mixed signals. So that you don’t end up your friendship on the note that he likes you.

All in all, either you need to confess what you feel about him or make sure with the help of gestures, that he knows you’re into him.  Make him comfortable to assure him that he’s worth it. You could always wait and play it cool until he gears up somehow and confesses what he feels. But that might take up a lot of time. If he’s a keeper, front worry, just confront him about how you feel.


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