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How do you know if your ex still loves you?


It really depends; the best way to really know is to expect to see similar behavior that you saw whenever that person did love you. How did the person act, what did they say? Did they text you to certain time of day? This type of behavior should return when the person loves you if the person does not love you does behavior should be absent

  1. He won’t treat you as a friend.
  2. He hurts your feelings.
  3. He tries to make you jealous.
  4. People who have completely moved on want to see you be happy. Jaded or jilted lovers want to mess with you.
  5. He tells you he hates you. (intense emotions usually stem from a place of emotionally caring)
  6. He doesn’t try to help you get closure.
  7. He subtly looks for things he assumes you’re doing when you aren’t. Like my ex yesterday spoke of me stalking his facebook buddy list and I replied that I hadn’t looked at it. Because I haven’t. He didn’t give me anything of emotional value to miss.
  8. He bitches about you often or constantly.
  9. He is still in contact with you.
  10. He is still fighting with you.

Note: the longer you are apart the more your feelings will die. So if you care for him/her you should never subject them to loneliness or long bouts of times with conversation as it will build resentment which will kill chances of making it right. If that’s what you want.

Also remember none of this matter if you aren’t getting those “I miss you” texts and genuine apologies. Ask him/her directly. Talk to him/her directly.

Watch their actions…if you see that romantic side that affectionate side toward you in a more caring way then he/she still loves you. Or you can just ask him or her if they still have feelings for you or love you.


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