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Losing interest in your partner? Reasons can be simple.


If you are losing interest in your partner than this is especially for you. Reasons can be simple and minor but our mistake is that we ignore them usually. When something about no longer feeling the same way that he used to but nothing specific. Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and more often than not, each partner may feel differently in regard to whether or not it’s time to call it quits. But how do you know when it’s really over and when the discomfort that you feel is an indicator that there’s work to be done before you can upgrade your relationship to the next level? The time when we start losing interest in something is the time when we want to quit too. Some common reasons are given below.

When nothing more left

Its common that we lose interest in those things that we have searched in depth or there is nothing more left to find or dig out. Same is the case with the relationship.

Taking too long for big decision

Here big decision means marriage proposal. When your partner is giving you lame reasons to not to get married then that will the time you are starting losing interest in him/her.

Don’t make feel special anymore

When you start taking your partner for granted. That will the time when they will totally lose interest in you. Because it is the worst experience.

 No more enjoyable

When your relationship become boring and less enjoyable that will be the state when you start thinking that you need it or not.

Fading thrill and intensity. 

Lastly, we lose most of our interest when the intensity and thrill start fading away from both side and doubts take their place. Doubts are something very painful for a relationship.

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