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Love weakness or strength? Love is hard to understand.


It depends on a person and situation.  A person like me, love can be a weakness. But on the other hand, many people flourish and get stronger by love. Here with the word love I mean, opposite gender. Do you feel stronger when you are with your partner? Do your work and task get easier and flourished? This phenomenon can vary from person to person. We cannot apply our experiences in every person. If love is your frailty, you will ultimately become the weakest person. Same is the case with strength. Both things depend upon nature of both partners.


why love become your weakness? When your partner starts treating you like a loser and Consider himself superior and out of the world. Often at this point, we can feel oppressed and useless. Moreover, when love becomes our frailty our progress in other fields also ruined. If someone abuses you or take advantage from you it will definitely weak your heart with sorrow. So such type of hurdles can also dim your shine in many ways. Becoming a loser and let people play with your emotions is not a good idea.


Love is such a smooth and charming feeling that I can hardly admit that it can ruin anyone’s life. But the condition is that you must be with the right person. A person who regularly boost you toward positivity and never let you feel down. If you think such persons are hard to find, think again. I have so many people who bring their partner from bottom to top. That is the only way we can prove that love is stronger and not a deficiency.  It won’t be wrong to say that today’s relationship is much weaker because many of us do not let our partner feel stronger.

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