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Manners and lack of manners which are effecting daily life.


As the world is growing fastly, people have forgotten many manners from their daily life. It seems minor to not pay attention to this issue but deep inside it is not such minor problem. May hurdles and problems have aroused through the lack of good behavior and norms. Our ancestors have taught us many good things to spend a balanced life and run a good relationship. It was the only reason that our ancestors have a better life than us. They have fewer problems in relations and less broken hearts. There are few manners that we really need to abolish from our life.

  1. Avoid using the phone when someone is talking to you. The person in front of you can easily annoy by this.
  2. Stop judging every person around you. You never know their story and hardship. Judging can break someone heart.
  3. Create some tolerance. People these days have very less tolerance. Everyone wants to be the first one. This is a major bad habit in our society that creates fights.
  4.  Opening door for your partner considers a shame. But I personally think it is another way to give respect and not shameful at all.
  5. Not making noise while eating because it can annoy the person in front of you like hell.
  6. Follow the road manners properly. Your little mistakes can put someone in trouble.
  7. Never stare somebody it can put them in a state of hesitation and shame.
  8. Talking too loud also consider as misbehave. People around you have seriously bad feelings about you when you talk too loud.
  9. Never I repeat never interrupt anyone while talking. It is the worst feeling ever.
  10. Not paying attention toward speaker is another misbehave. Because it creates sense of ignorance.
  11. Too much sarcasm and insult lead towards fights so avoid it too. Be a better person for a better society.

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