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I need to talk to someone but there’s no one. What should I do?


Loneliness is one of the most frustrating and unhealthy feelings anyone can think about. It’s almost as unhealthy as a disease. The worst thing is when you have had a tiring day and you just want to share it with someone but there is no one to talk to.

A lot of people suffer this loneliness as a trauma. You should know the underlying reason of your loneliness to combat it.


Having self confidence is the key to make friends and attract partners. Once you’re confident enough, people fall into your persona and want to converse with you on their own. Build your personality in such a way that people from all over feel the need to do friendship with you. Maintaining your self is one of the ways you can boost your confidence. Work yourself up. Indulge in activities which include a lot of people. If you love to swim, join a swimming club, or a gym, or a writer’s club. Whatever is your interest, shift your mind towards it. Not only will you be less lonely when your mind is full but you’ll also feel motivated.


It is rightly said that an empty mind is a devil’s nest. So try to keep yourself as bust as possible. It will ensure your feeling of loneliness suffices. Apart from that and overall persona will not only attract friends but will also help you become a better person. Work on self-enhancement and hence make yourself worthy of love and attention. Try to converse with as many people as possible to help digress your loneliness and gain friends.


You could also, try to talk to yourself. Maintain a diary writing habit, write poems, articles, stories and anything you like to help understand yourself. Writing will not only improve your qualities as a writer but will also help in relieving the stress that is built inside you.


Above all, never lose hope. Always be hopeful of a better future and better quality of life. After all it’s you who decides where you need to be in a later stage.



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