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Passion in relationship should never die. How to keep passion alive


Love without passion is useless and boring as well. Some emotions need diversity and same with love and relationship. It needs your attention, devotion, humor, sincerity and every other feeling. Passionate love has different perception according to different experiences. Some couples claim that being passionate can lose interest in each other after a year or two. Other claims that being passionate is a necessary factor in a relationship otherwise it will get dull and boring.  Sometimes, passionate love burns itself out after only a year or two, only to be replaced by calmer, if not stronger, bonds of companionship.

Passion in a relationship.

Being passionate in a relationship is good. But being over passionate and clingy can lead you towards loss. So being balanced in love life is better. In a relationship, you need equal things from both sides. If your partner is not much passionate this can also lead you toward worst. Confusing love with passion is easy. Sometimes couples need to feel a physical attraction to one another which only need passion but love can be handled without being passionate.

Breakups reasons. 

Initially, the couple becomes more passionate an enthusiastic about their relationship. When the time passes, they start creating a gap and those passionate feelings start fading. At that time both partners become a victim of betrayal and doubts. This thing creates more gaps and hurdles in a relationship. All these situations lead towards a breakup.


To avoid heartbreak there must be balance in life. No much expectations and no carelessness. The first step to strengthening your commitment is engaging in selfless love. Small acts of kindness and caring will create a strong base of commitment in your relationship. Before long, this commitment will become the fiber of your marriage. So yes, being passionate is necessary and not at the same time. It takes time to understand this phenomenon.


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