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What should a person choose between love and career?


It’s not difficult to choose which is more important if you are mature enough. Everyone seeks love but is it right to find love at the cost of career? I have found a picture on Google plus which will definitely remove your dilemma.

I heard so many people giving up their dreams, change location, or give up their goals to be with someone. So how do you decide if you should pursue this person or alter the direction of your life to be with this one person or NOT?

Scenario 1, Your Partner and You both have huge dreams that do not allow you to be together
1. One of you has to give up your dreams. The partner that should make this sacrifice is the one with less success rate. Whoever has the best possibility to fulfill their dreams should be the one pursuing it, and the other partner should fully 100% support. You cannot try to live up to two dreams if it doesn’t go down the same path, because a relationship requires a certain amount of energy, time and commitment into the relationship. If two partners decide they want to both chase dream or go in opposite direction, one has to make the sacrifice to have that time with their spouse.

It would already be hard enough for a highly successful or dream chaser to keep a relationship going. He or she will need to make sure there is time that is spent to grow and communicate in the relationship.

2.If you feel like its EQUAL, then you still have to give up your dreams or Leave the Relationship. You can only get one thing at a time if your in this type of position.
*Sometimes you can get a chance to pursue your dream if you became the supporter, But rarely does that happen b/c the other person dreams have to keep growing. So don’t think that if you decide to give up your dreams to support your partner that you can always pursue your dreams again.

Scenario 2, Your Career n YOUR PARTNER Career requires two different locations
1. Same thing, one of you have to decide who has a higher chance of being successful in their Career and The other partner has to play more of the Supporting Role.

Scenario 3, you have a big dream/career to pursue, but your Partner doesn’t like you to be far away from them
1. If you have a huge dream and goal, then you just have to choose. You can try convincing your partner to support you, but most of the time your partner has already made up their own about their feelings towards your action, and for you to try to change their mind will be inefficient. So then it might seem like the relationship is working in the short run but then, over the long term, your partner old decision will stand, and the relationship could end.

Scenario 4, Location Your Partner N You wants to live in different Areas/States
1. This usually comes into mind when you are seriously committed to making your relationship more serious and eventually marriage. Love Comes with a Price/sacrifice, and if it’s Love that is true, The Price/sacrifice should be made. You should pick an area to live that is the most benefit to your relationship as a whole, not because of any selfish reason. Make a pro/con list of what is the best situation for both of you, whatever give the most points that are okay to both of you, then pick it.

If you do not like each other state or area at all, you might have to reconsider your relationship. Someone have to make a sacrifice! It shouldn’t be such a big deal to decide where to live, or even a huge argument over this fact, if there is then you might have to take some time out and consider what is really important to you, it’s either your relationship or only your selfish wants

2.Some couples do not pick their home state, n both go neutral n go to a state they both didn’t really like but did it anyways b/c they want to make it FAIR. That’s one of the things you can do, but its better, if a couple can decide to live in one of their HOME STATES bc at least one person, can get the benefit of being with family and friends.

3. When you ask your partner to move to your area/state, you should not give reasons like FAMILY N FRIENDS b/c that is selfish. It’s obvious that one person in the relationship is going to have to give up their comfort zone.
…So you should decide it base it on: how convenient life will be, career opportunities, affordability, and eventually raising a family. Stop holding onto family/friends when you’re negotiating with your partner on where to live, moving into the same area/state should be base upon the potential opportunity that can provide your relationship with the best opportunities.

Scenario 5, You have dreams/goals, the other is content and prevents you from accomplishing your dreams
The sad thing about this scenario is that most of the time people give up their dreams to be with someone who doesn’t have any goals or dreams. If someone loves/cares for you, they SHOULD NOT be selfish and make you feel like you got to stop your goals just to be with them. I understand that people do not want their partner to be away from them, and that is understandable…But not acceptable when a person is content with their life already and makes lowers their partner standard of contentment in life. Relationships should be inspiring, and an uplifting experience. Most relationships these days seem to have many problems and then it makes it look like the NORM to have many problems in the relationship, so everyone just thinks it’s okay for their partner to be selfish or tell them to stick around to be with them instead of getting their dreams.

So in simple words, DUMP that person whoever is holding you from chasing their dreams. You could say ‘I Love them and I’m willing to give up my dreams to just be with them.’ BUT FOR WHAT? IS IT NOT POSSIBLE to have a loving a relationship and pursue your dreams? Love is Inspiring. Does it sound so Inspiring TO GIVE UP a dream just to be with someone who just wants to be Content and they tell you to be with CONTENT WITH THEM?!

A relationship is inspirational, when a partner is unselfish to let their partner go and Support their Partners Dream. If the partner thinks it’s impossible for you to chase your dreams to be with them, and they are already content, working the same job, live in the same area, THEN LEAVE THIS TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP.

Conclusion – Sacrifice is a part of love
Love is all worth it to make a particular sacrifice to be with someone.
But do not sacrifice your Path in Life to someone who would not be willing to give you the same type of sacrifice back to you

If there was an equal dilemma in their life and it made sense for your partner to give up their comfort to be with you, would they be able to do it? If no, then it is a selfish decision to live their life base upon their Comfort, and they do not care WHAT IS BEST FOR THE RELATIONSHIP.

I will think of more Scenarios, and Update it, stay tune….


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