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Secret of happiness belong to your daily life


These days with the growing technology and advancement, human have forgotten secret of happiness. Few of us are really happy and enjoying the life to the fullest. I would only consider children and teenager who are enjoying their happy life to the fullest. When we talk about reasons of this unevenness and anxieties we would reach nowhere because reasons are endless and solutions are few. In the past, people were happy, honest and full of life. So don’t we adopt their lifestyle and become happier again. They surely had secrets about a perfect life. We also know those secrets but we are unable to apply them in real life. Let’s just revise and remind them. So that we make a big contribution in our life.

family first.

We have totally forgotten a rule. A very important and prior rule. Family always come first. As we have forgotten it so we are paying for it too.  Family structures are mostly collapsing and so is our lives. We spent hardly few hours with each other and in these few hour, we hardly talk with each other. Spend the whole time on phones and laptops. The question arises here is how can we cover this gap. There are some few simple steps. At least plan a get together with your family once in a week. Bring the family closer to each other.

Utilize your spare time. 

If you really want to be happy again. Utilize your free time in some really fruitful yet good deeds. Flourish your soul. Sometimes happiness only belongs to the deeds which bring a smile on other faces. The secret of happiness also belongs to the soul as well. If your soul is not satisfied its time to flourish and rearrange it. Although these things look simple it caters lots of importance in our daily life. None of us is perfect so try not to expect perfection in anyone. Simply forgive people and move on.

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