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Sleepless nights reasons? Love or something else


A sleepless night is so common these days. Even often I cannot sleep on a night. Some use to work at night. It is the genuine reason to not sleep at night. But why other people are not able to sleep at night. Stress is a leading cause of abnormal sleep patterns. So if it is stress than you need some serious therapy but with the rapid increase in technology, many other reasons are here for sleepless nights. It won’t be wrong to say that there is a number of reasons for no sleep at night. Let’s just discuss reasons because our job is not to recommend any solution but just find out the reason.


With stress, we can only not able to sleep 1 or 2 nights. Or the moment we come out of stress we can have a good sleep. So it won’t be wrong to say that it is some temporary ailment. It happens and it can cure easily so stress is normal. Do not increase it with no sleep at night.

Slept already.

Don’t act like you are in love, you have already slept in the afternoon so you are not able to sleep at night. So if you are thinking that it is stress or love, you need to recall your whole day activities. Yes, you have already slept the whole afternoon so chill dude. Don’t act like a romantic lover. You will definitely be going to sleep the next afternoon.


If you are suffering from some serious disturbance in your mind and unable to sleep. This is the stage you can say that you are in love. Because love is something extraordinary feeling. It can literally steal away your peace and sleep too. Loving someone with full passion can initially give you goosebumps. So if you cannot sleep due to love, congrats you are leveled up.

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