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If someone begs you for food in a restaurant, what will you do?


Living the life of a homeless man is no less than a challenge. Every minute of your life is ridden with anxiety and self loathing. Apart from that, there is always a challenge to find food and shelter. Let alone bearing everyday’s necessities.

So, if a beggar comes and asks for food at a restaurant from you, there are two things you can do. You could be distressed or you could be generous. Each of the two are equally acceptable and thoughtful. You could either think of your personal peace or you could think of filling someone else’s stomach.

Obviously, you may consider that you have earned the right to enjoy a happy and peaceful meal at a restaurant. You earn a living by putting so many efforts everyday. Earning you daily bread and eating it in peace and calm is your right. You might feel frustrated by the fact that an unknown person is invading your privacy and asking for your hearty meal that you’ve earned for yourself. In this case, you could complain to the manager of the restaurant for an unhealthy environment. Or you could ask the person to go away and leave you to yourself. He may not be so rigid on begging for food and turn away when you ask him to.

In the other case, some people are deeply moved by the conditions these beggars have to face every day. Such a person might feel deeply for the hungry beggar and hence think about helping him out. You could always share your food and earn some respect in your eyes. Or you could also buy the hungry beggar a less costly meal and offer him the gift of food. Feeding a hungry man is a great deal. This shows your generosity and kindness as person.

Although, it is very wrong for someone to invade another person’s privacy and ask them for food while they’re in the middle of it. But sometimes it’s okay to understand the feelings of a poor hungry fellow. His life is already a quest for living and finding necessities. Helping a poor hungry beggar and treating him like a human being might change his perspective towards life and rich people.


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