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What would you do if someone walked up to you, squeezed your breasts, and walked away?


He never walked up to me. I was asleep (partially) in the bus, it was around 2 am. I felt something against my right arm (from the back), I did ignore the first time and it was a bumpy ride. Mind you, my defense mode is highest especially when I am in my sleepy state.

Again, the same feeling at the side of my body, creeping up, conquers more space. I realized what was happening! I just jumped up and punched at some part of the human’s face sitting right behind me with the hand I had rings on. It was shit dark and to my surprise, the man was just staring at me and mouthed something which I realized wasn’t good. I started screaming at him back in Hindi (No! I am not fluent in hindi, I knew the words to abuse well) and kept hitting his hand and head. People woke up, kicked him out of the bus.

My ever loving best friend didn’t flinch until our stop arrived. All she said “Man! I had such a horrible dream, I kept hearing some old lady screaming in my ear. “

In the above mentioned situation, if someone walked up to me and squeezed my boobs, I would definitely run/ walk behind him to beat the crap out of him and I know for sure I CAN.

I do come across a lot of women who get abused especially in buses, offices and wherever it is possible nowadays.

Do NOT be a victim, this is your body! Not some random person’s squeeze toy. REACT AND RESPOND!


This behaviour from males is something that should be taken a strict action against. When I was young, in 9th grade, I had a few relatives over at my place for dinner. My family had invited them as they just had a baby after trying for 10 years. The father of the baby, who was my very distant relative, kept on looking at me with bad intentions. As I was young, I couldn’t understand his behaviour but was not feeling very comfortable. He came up to me when I was sitting in my room and asked me to show me our balcony and claimed that he loved plants and hence he asked me to take me there. It was round 8pm, I took him, there were no lights in the balcony. As I stood there showing him my plants, he kept on staring at my face with a very evil smile. And suddenly I realised that he grabbed my breasts and squished it. I got horrified for life and pushed him away. Next what I did was, I turned and gave him a TIGHT SLAP! I told him to get the f**k out of my house. He stood there trying to refrain from looking into my eyes, while I stared at him deadly.

I left to tell this incident to my mom, but then was stopped by my aunt who asked me if something was wrong. I told her everything and she told me and brainwashed me into not telling it to my mom or dad! I was such a baby that I agreed to her and I did nothing other than slapping him. But at least I am proud that I did something and took action against his nasty behaviour!


Please always tell your parents or someone who is mature and highly responsible (unlike my aunt who stopped me from telling it and asked me to shut up).

Never be scared of such people, always ask for help and be brave, call the police if possible.

It’s sad to see so many women sharing their stories regarding this topic, look at the amount of women who have been through this traumatic situation. Males need to understand that NO MEANS NO!


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